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Teeth are a natural beauty that people can never want to stay without. Apart from filling the dents and gaps around the mouth, they are essential tools during digestion which start right in the mouth. The facial look and beauty are incomplete without the teeth. It is what that shapes you and me and to mean it clinics flock with people who want to refill their teeth, and consulting how they can maintain their natural teeth. It’s beauty beyond man making.

There are various causes that make teeth lose their natural milk colour some of the causes are beyond limitations while others can be controlled.

Lifestyle: This is one of the factors that can be prevented like smoking, chewing khat and other lifestyle situations that spoil our teeth.

Water: This is a standard essential product and one can not leave without this necessity. Areas that do not have fresh rainy water like around towns and in the arid and semi-arid area have fluoride type of water which is an important cause of brown teeth and effects.

Cleanliness: It may sound awkward but clean teeth makes a sharp and fresh dent. Those who rarely brush or clean their tooth are prone to teeth decay, and browning which in time causes a permanent mark.

Regardless the roots of teeth colouring taking care of your teeth are the first precaution of maintaining a healthy and strong teeth. Those willing to whiten their teeth should seek dentist advice and they will be informed of the state to take.  Visit www.mendelsohndental.com.au/treatments/teeth-whitening for quality treatments in Perth WA.

Thing to Consider While Considering To Whiten The Teeth

Visit your personal doctor and notify him/her about the teeth and you will be given a go ahead having been tested to continue with the process.

Those offering the service are authorised to carry on having required registration from the health sector this eliminates unqualified personnel.

Avoid following or reading about teeth whitening and practice it by yourself, it is neither delicate but also damaging as you can over whiten it and spoil the tissues that make the tooth thus rendering it weak. If you get scared by dental procedures, you can use sedation dentistry

Change your lifestyle if you think is causing your teeth to rust like quit smoking and using other hard drugs.

To avoid children from teeth rust treat the running water for domestic use and sensitise on harvesting rain water which is a cheap way to go. Observe the diets and make regular visits to the schools to avoid Flouride water.

Hygienically observe those things that can cause tooth rust and avoid cheap clinics that opt to offer these services. The sensitivity of the teeth is lost hence becoming weak if the wrong process is administered. Look for teeth whitening treatments on the Health Engine Websitegain a few whiter shades with whitening treatments

In the recent days, women have taken up so many responsibilities and they lead such crazy, busy lives that most often than not staying healthy and eating healthy may slip wayside. They rush out of the house in the wee hours of the morning with nothing but a cup of coffee, work so hard through the day that they forget about themselves and by the time they come back home, one is too tired to cook a balanced meal and end up grabbing a sandwich or something.

Busy Moms Stay FitWe all agree their intentions are all good but we also agree it’s very possible for one to be both the busiest and healthiest version of themselves. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done but if one takes on the challenge and makes few small healthy changes in their lifestyle; it will be a good place to start. So many women would want to live a much healthy life but with so many drawbacks such as increasing availability of fast foods it becomes so hard to convince themselves of the possibility. Reality is this is not the only choice and one can easily squeeze some healthier habits into their busy schedules by just starting small and slowly building up. Below are some of the easy tips to take on as you start your healthier journey.


There is so much that can be done on the part of eating healthy. Remember you are what you eat. If you keep snacking on junk food, a lot of sugar and fat, be prepared to be sad, overweight and such a mess. We understand you are busy, so what simple things can you do to remain healthier?

Don’t miss breakfast

We are always reminded that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for it not only gives energy for the whole day but also helps to maximize you concentration. You can prepare enough food for breakfast during the weekend that it might be easier all through the week. Alternatively, go smoothies for they are not only quick and accessible but also they will provide you with the right nutrients you need and prevent you from overeating during the day. Take a frozen fruit, handful of spinach, some peanut butter, almond milk/no fat yogurt then sprinkle some chia seeds and you are good to go.

Drink a lot of water

Whoever said water is life, was darn right. Lay off the several cups of coffee that you take and focus more on water. A cup or two of coffee in the morning is enough to rejuvenate your body and boost your energy but don’t get so much into it all through the day instead go the water way. Drink at least three litres in a day.

Eat full meals instead of snacking

One or two snacks in a day are not so bad for it will help curb the hunger and avoid binge eating. However, one shouldn’t eat just any unhealthy snacks. Carry an apple, banana or cashew nuts in your handbag for snacking but remember to find time and grab a full meal maybe some chicken breasts and chicken salad.

Prepare enough food in advance

Veggies and chicken can be prepared on weekends to cater for the following week. Use organic frozen vegetable that is fresh, steam then keep it refrigerated. The chicken breasts after they are prepared, keep them separately in the fridge. You can pull whenever needed, microwave it and enjoy your meal.

Bottom line is, eat healthy, avoid junk, carry healthy snacks and drink enough water.

busy healthy women


Squeeze some time in for fitness for instance, you can turn TV time into fitness time, do some exercises on your desk and do some walking. Try out a strength workout in the evening at home, maybe some yoga, body weight workout, squats or push-ups. While at work sneak in some workouts by running errands on foot, take the stairs or do crunches on your desk.

3. Boost your mental wellness

This can be achieved frequently getting up from the desk, meditating before bed, turn off tech completely when at home, practicing deep breathing or sipping on green tea. Most importantly learn to prioritize, say no and stay organized. If possible delegate some duties and take a break.

Happiness can only be achieved with great health. Keeping the body healthy is a duty that every woman needs to take on so as to keep the mind strong and clear. Regardless of the schedules, it’s imperative that one plans on the perfect way to lead a healthy lifestyle. To be a productivity hero in you field, you need to be healthy and happy.