Have you had too much alcohol, been overindulging in the last few months and feel like you’re feeling a little down? Conversely, after your weekly good tomato/avocado/nut salad, you suddenly feel incredibly optimistic about life? That would be quite normal, according to science.

A proven link between mental health and healthy eating

Several studies over the years have linked our diet to our general well-being.

It is mainly in the face of depression that proper nutrition is necessary. Indeed, some foods have a beneficial effect on our brains. A deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals can then act as a severe blow to our mental health.

Researchers have shown that following a Mediterranean diet (composed of fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts, fish and of course olive oil) would reduce the risk of depression by 33%. This type of diet, already known for countless physical benefits (cardiovascular system or diabetes), would also be proven in terms of mental health. Conversely, a sugar diet would increase the risk.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists website states that “healthy eating” also includes eating habits such as “keeping a normal weight” (not too high or too low), “keeping a stable weight” (not coming and going), or even that “eating should remain a pleasant experience.

So what are we eating?

Since we are not going to eat Greek salads at every meal, what foods can we choose to stay mentally healthy?

On your dining table, you will abuse meat, nuts, and legumes. The link between all these ingredients that seem to have nothing in common? Vitamin B, very important for our brain.
Reasonably but from time to time, red meat will be eaten. You will thus fill certain deficiencies in magnesium, zinc or iron that can promote depressive disorders.

Fish eaters will be delighted.

They will enjoy sardines and salmon without blushing when they want to. Yummy! These fish are rich in omega 3. While these fatty acids play an essential role in the cardiovascular system, they also have an impact on the brain and would be particularly useful for fighting stress or depression.

Finally, you will get plenty of vitamin D. You have probably already heard about it because it is also known to be the sun’s vitamin. Does winter depression mean anything to you? If our mood can be gloomy when we see less sunlight it is because we lack light AND vitamin D. Primordial, then? Also useful against schizophrenic disorders, you can find it in cod liver oil, milk and… dark chocolate.

benefits of vaping marijuana

It is a device which allows the vegetable matter to be heated sufficiently to evaporate its active ingredients or the essential oil before being able to inhale it. No heat is used to trigger the combustion as cellulose, the main component of the plant material burns around 230 ° C, but in our case, THC evaporates at + or – 160 ° C).

Except burning releases a whole bunch of toxic and carcinogenic substances by emitting thick, irritating and smelly smoke. The vaporizer is a kind of mini precision oven that will allow you to extract and aspirate essential oils or the active ingredients of a plant in the form of steam and thus avoid you to absorb a large part of the toxic substances due to combustion. The taste of the vaporized plant will be much better than when it is burnt. There are room (portable) or portable (on battery) vaporizers, in a price range between $ 50 and $ 800.

The advantages of a vaporizer compared to regular smoking

  • Cleanliness / Hygiene: no combustion = no ash or no stubborn odor on clothes or skin.
  • Discretion: no combustion = some discrete steam in place of the thick smoke = no smell or almost.
  • Well-being/health: no burning, no irritating smoke, much less tar, and much less toxic gas = no bad taste in the mouth, more breath, less irritation and chronic cough or other disease potential.
  • Savings: no more sheets or cigarettes to buy, use less material for the same result.
  • The taste: without burning the taste of the plant is not altered and is much better.

the pax 3 vaporizerOne thing is sure; it is not by chance that all therapists advise the use of medical cannabis, either in the form of a concentrate of oil type or tincture to ingest or in the form of steam to inhale, because it is according to them The two most reliable methods.

Studies on the combustion of cannabis VS vaporization (*) show that not only the composition of smoke and vapor are radically different, but also that the psychotropic effect will not be the same, for several reasons:

The first is the fact that many substances that usually induce somnolence (such as benzene and carbon monoxide) are completely absent in the vapor released by a vaporizer worthy of the name.

The second is that there is a much smaller number of chemical components in the vapor than in the combustion from the smoke. Although it is known that some cannabinoids and certain chemicals interact with THC, such as CBD, which will evaporate at temperatures slightly higher than THC and will, therefore, be less present with the use of a vaporizer. It also explains why the psychotropic effect is not identical.

To summarize, with a vaporizer one can expect a more powerful effect and clearer than with a joint. Read this cannabis vaporizer guide d’achat to know more.

hair removal treatment doctor

In this diverse world, we live in; half the population is looking for a way to grow hair, and the other half is looking for a way to remove it.
Removal of unwanted hair, often called depilation or epilation, has been a major concern for women (and some men) since prehistoric times.
Today, the most popular method by far is shaving, but there are many good alternatives for hair removal, such as waxing, lasers, and depilatories, and you should choose the appropriate method for each part of your body.

A Bikini Wax is Not the Best Idea

bikini and leg waxing

Bikini and leg waxing

The best way to rid yourself of unsightly stubble along the bikini line is to undergo laser hair removal treatments, but make sure it’s administered by a board-certified dermatologist. The good news is, it’s permanent; the bad news is the cost, sometimes thousands of dollars for a series of treatments.

The next best solution for a hair-free bikini line is not waxing, but shaving. According to experts, the delicate skin in that area can be traumatised by waxing, whereas shaving will cause less ingrown hairs. Don’t listen to your friends – waxing your bikini area is not mandatory!

Your Underarm Skin is Very Thin

The skin under your arms, like your bikini line, is thin and sensitive, so shaving your underarms is the preferred method. The hair under your arms grows in all different patterns, so be sure to shave in several directions, going from corner to corner. Using a hydrating or moisturising shave cream will ease the process and minimise cuts and razor burn.

Keep Your Legs Smooth and Silky

Even if you zap your leg hair with several laser hair removal sessions, you’ll still have to shave them, but not as often. Shaving is still the tried and true method for keeping your legs silky smooth and radiant, so follow this professional tip: make one stroke of the razor in the same direction as the hair grows, and the second stroke against the grain in the other direction.

Keep a Smooth Upper Lip
a closeup on hair

A closeup on hair

You want your upper lip to be hairless and kissable, not fuzzy! If you have dark, coarse hair, laser treatments are the answer. Again, you’ll need several treatments, but the results are amazing. A less-expensive alternative for your upper lip is depilatory cream, also recommended for fine hair which is hard to tweeze.

Shape Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

Of the four popular methods used to shape eyebrows – waxing, plucking, shaving and threading – beauty experts favour threading or plucking.
Eyebrow hair is charming and confined to a narrow area, so threading or plucking gives you more control. Waxing may be your favourite method, but it cannot give you the subtle nuances that a good pair of tweezers can.
Always use a slanted-tip tweezers, and keep them handy for regular touch-ups.

As you can see, no one hair removal product or technique is best for all situations. You should do some research, explore the many options, and find the ideal method for your needs and your budget.

In the latest health news from around the world, it has been found that polio will be tackled in Pakistan with a mass vaccination project, as it is this location that is one of the last places in the world that still sees polio as an endemic. The vaccination will take place over several days and it is hoped that more than 1 million children will be vaccinated during this time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.48.42While the vaccination is being carried out, police will be on standby to tackle any Islamic extremists who believe that the medication should not be taken. This will allow the treatment to be handed out and will stop many people from becoming ill.

However, this will not be an easy thing to carry out and it will require a large amount of planning and logistical thinking and skills that need to be carried out in the area. During this time, there will be over 13 million doses of the drug that will be administered to children and there will be 70,000 doctors that will carry this out effectively.

In recent times, there were only 11 cases of polio in Pakistan, and even less in Afghanistan, which is the neighbouring country to Pakistan. If this mass vaccination is carried out then, it could wipe out polio for good in Pakistan and its neighbouring country Afghanistan. It is still a worry that the attacks will take place on those who are trying to help with the vaccination but these attacks have decreased in recent times and it is, therefore, less of a threat.

Some individuals believe that the medicine is a bad thing to do and that it is causing more harm than good. This is because they accuse the medicine as being something that is harmful to those who take it. The development of these sort of tactics is still widely criticised.

the foundation of thai massage

Thai massage and Thai medication are stated to had been founded by the mythical Shivago Komarpaj, a physician from over 2500 years ago. He hailed from northern India and made claims to be a friend and private doctor of the Buddha. He was also reported to have worked with the Magadha King Bimbasara and the Buddhist nuns and monks known as the Sangha. Though there is an aggregate of effects for Thai medicine from Chinese, Indian and South-east Asian way of life credit is giving commonly to Mr Komarpaj. Most of the history of Thai massage was lost in 1767 at some point of the Burmese assault in Ayutthaya. Some facts survived and had been inscribed in the Sala Moh Nuat, a massage pavilion in Bangkok. Following world conflict II Thailand became a popular area for vacationer, making Thai massages an international regarded approach. It reached the United States within the overdue Nineteen Eighties.

Thai massage is one of the four branches of traditional Thai remedy.

massage and thai therapyIt’s far a restoration method that was practised by medical doctors. The massage involves deep massage and stretching, and it takes place on the floor on a company bed or a mat. It is a therapeutic method that offers relaxation and restores wholesome blood flow. It also treats power blockages, vulnerable, dysfunctional organs, aches and pains, stress and anxiety, flexibility, paralysis, nerve problems and postural alignments.

Thai massage differs from traditional massage using its use of frame’s energy line system, known as Sen lines. There may be a fundamental theory that there are seventy-two thousand Sen lines which are also referred to as power traces that line the frame of the physical body. The sen traces corresponds with the Chinese acupuncture medications and the ancient remedy exercise from Indian Ayurvedic. A consultation typically ultimate around hours or perhaps extra and the massage works to stretch the whole body.

The massage might also encompass the pulling of toes, fingers, and ears. Thai massage is ideal for everybody because the periods are custom designed for each character with their frame type and age.
What is today known to be “Thai massage” or “Thai yoga massage” is an ancient healing system that uses a combination of Acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.
Over the years, Thai massage has emerged as a famous treatment in nearly every spa the world over. From the maximum acclaimed and lavish spas in the big apple City and Paris to the humble massage centres scattered throughout the streets of Bangkok and Calcutta, Thai massage is almost guaranteed to be on the menu.

Urine leakage and stress incontinence is a surprisingly common problem in both men and women. Millions of people all over the country suffer from this condition, so being aware of the facts and possible incontinence treatments is critical.

What Is Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence causes, symptoms and treatment

Urinary incontinence causes, symptoms and treatment

Incontinence is a condition where the bladder unintentionally leaks urine. There are two types of incontinence which cause urine leakage – stress incontinence, where urine leaks out if the bladder is put under pressure, for example when coughing or laughing, and urge incontinence, during which a sudden need to pass urine will be experienced. Some people may have both types of incontinence.

What Are The Causes Of Urine Leakage?

Stress incontinence is often the result of a weakened pelvic floor while urge incontinence usually has a different cause as overactive detrusor muscles cause it. The main factors which have been found to cause incontinence include pregnancies and vaginal deliveries, excess weight gain, aging or family history and genetics.

How To Diagnose Urinary Incontinence

While suffering from these symptoms may be embarrassing, it is important to see a doctor to be able to control the problem. A medical practitioner will ask about any symptoms you are experiencing and may need to perform a pelvic examination on female patients or a rectal examination on men. It may be helpful to keep a diary which documents your symptoms, how frequently you urinate and how much fluid you consume.

Treatments For Incontinence

Pelvic Floor Muscle ExercisesIn the first instance, to try to reduce the symptoms being experienced, it is wise to attempt to lose weight if you are obese and to cut down on the consumption of known trigger substances such as alcohol and caffeine. You could also benefit from learning some pelvic floor exercises which will help to strengthen the muscles around the bladder.
Bladder training may be able to help, and you could seek the advice of a specialist. This practice involves waiting for longer periods of time before passing urine. At the same time, you may benefit from using incontinence pads or urine collection bottles to enable you to manage the condition. A doctor may also be able to prescribe certain medications which can help. In severe cases, there are surgical procedures which may strengthen the muscles in the area, reduce pressure on the bladder, enlarge the bladder or even help to control the detrusor muscles.

Can Incontinence Be Prevented?

While it is not always possible to prevent this condition, you can try to limit your chances of developing the problem by maintaining a healthy weight, cutting back on alcohol and by ensuring your pelvic floor muscles are kept strong and healthy.


Today we are going to talk about hair and how to boost your hair growth by sharing some of the best practices!

Hair are extremely hard to grow if things are not done the right way.

First you need to do a bit of homework and understand which type of hair do you have. We are not going to treat blond straight hair the same way than Asian or Afro hair!

Once you know which type of hair do you have, you want to make sure you adopt the right daily routine when it comes to maintenance.

Always make sure your hair are well moisturised and do not use a comb if you got nice curls!

Here are 10 tips to grow health hair from a  beauty expert.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please drop us a line here.

In the recent days, women have taken up so many responsibilities and they lead such crazy, busy lives that most often than not staying healthy and eating healthy may slip wayside. They rush out of the house in the wee hours of the morning with nothing but a cup of coffee, work so hard through the day that they forget about themselves and by the time they come back home, one is too tired to cook a balanced meal and end up grabbing a sandwich or something.

Busy Moms Stay FitWe all agree their intentions are all good but we also agree it’s very possible for one to be both the busiest and healthiest version of themselves. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done but if one takes on the challenge and makes few small healthy changes in their lifestyle; it will be a good place to start. So many women would want to live a much healthy life but with so many drawbacks such as increasing availability of fast foods it becomes so hard to convince themselves of the possibility. Reality is this is not the only choice and one can easily squeeze some healthier habits into their busy schedules by just starting small and slowly building up. Below are some of the easy tips to take on as you start your healthier journey.


There is so much that can be done on the part of eating healthy. Remember you are what you eat. If you keep snacking on junk food, a lot of sugar and fat, be prepared to be sad, overweight and such a mess. We understand you are busy, so what simple things can you do to remain healthier?

Don’t miss breakfast

We are always reminded that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for it not only gives energy for the whole day but also helps to maximize you concentration. You can prepare enough food for breakfast during the weekend that it might be easier all through the week. Alternatively, go smoothies for they are not only quick and accessible but also they will provide you with the right nutrients you need and prevent you from overeating during the day. Take a frozen fruit, handful of spinach, some peanut butter, almond milk/no fat yogurt then sprinkle some chia seeds and you are good to go.

Drink a lot of water

Whoever said water is life, was darn right. Lay off the several cups of coffee that you take and focus more on water. A cup or two of coffee in the morning is enough to rejuvenate your body and boost your energy but don’t get so much into it all through the day instead go the water way. Drink at least three litres in a day.

Eat full meals instead of snacking

One or two snacks in a day are not so bad for it will help curb the hunger and avoid binge eating. However, one shouldn’t eat just any unhealthy snacks. Carry an apple, banana or cashew nuts in your handbag for snacking but remember to find time and grab a full meal maybe some chicken breasts and chicken salad.

Prepare enough food in advance

Veggies and chicken can be prepared on weekends to cater for the following week. Use organic frozen vegetable that is fresh, steam then keep it refrigerated. The chicken breasts after they are prepared, keep them separately in the fridge. You can pull whenever needed, microwave it and enjoy your meal.

Bottom line is, eat healthy, avoid junk, carry healthy snacks and drink enough water.

busy healthy women


Squeeze some time in for fitness for instance, you can turn TV time into fitness time, do some exercises on your desk and do some walking. Try out a strength workout in the evening at home, maybe some yoga, body weight workout, squats or push-ups. While at work sneak in some workouts by running errands on foot, take the stairs or do crunches on your desk.

3. Boost your mental wellness

This can be achieved frequently getting up from the desk, meditating before bed, turn off tech completely when at home, practicing deep breathing or sipping on green tea. Most importantly learn to prioritize, say no and stay organized. If possible delegate some duties and take a break.

Happiness can only be achieved with great health. Keeping the body healthy is a duty that every woman needs to take on so as to keep the mind strong and clear. Regardless of the schedules, it’s imperative that one plans on the perfect way to lead a healthy lifestyle. To be a productivity hero in you field, you need to be healthy and happy.