What is a dry herb vaporizer?

benefits of vaping marijuana

It is a device which allows the vegetable matter to be heated sufficiently to evaporate its active ingredients or the essential oil before being able to inhale it. No heat is used to trigger the combustion as cellulose, the main component of the plant material burns around 230 ° C, but in our case, THC evaporates at + or – 160 ° C).

Except burning releases a whole bunch of toxic and carcinogenic substances by emitting thick, irritating and smelly smoke. The vaporizer is a kind of mini precision oven that will allow you to extract and aspirate essential oils or the active ingredients of a plant in the form of steam and thus avoid you to absorb a large part of the toxic substances due to combustion. The taste of the vaporized plant will be much better than when it is burnt. There are room (portable) or portable (on battery) vaporizers, in a price range between $ 50 and $ 800.

The advantages of a vaporizer compared to regular smoking

  • Cleanliness / Hygiene: no combustion = no ash or no stubborn odor on clothes or skin.
  • Discretion: no combustion = some discrete steam in place of the thick smoke = no smell or almost.
  • Well-being/health: no burning, no irritating smoke, much less tar, and much less toxic gas = no bad taste in the mouth, more breath, less irritation and chronic cough or other disease potential.
  • Savings: no more sheets or cigarettes to buy, use less material for the same result.
  • The taste: without burning the taste of the plant is not altered and is much better.

the pax 3 vaporizerOne thing is sure; it is not by chance that all therapists advise the use of medical cannabis, either in the form of a concentrate of oil type or tincture to ingest or in the form of steam to inhale, because it is according to them The two most reliable methods.

Studies on the combustion of cannabis VS vaporization (*) show that not only the composition of smoke and vapor are radically different, but also that the psychotropic effect will not be the same, for several reasons:

The first is the fact that many substances that usually induce somnolence (such as benzene and carbon monoxide) are completely absent in the vapor released by a vaporizer worthy of the name.

The second is that there is a much smaller number of chemical components in the vapor than in the combustion from the smoke. Although it is known that some cannabinoids and certain chemicals interact with THC, such as CBD, which will evaporate at temperatures slightly higher than THC and will, therefore, be less present with the use of a vaporizer. It also explains why the psychotropic effect is not identical.

To summarize, with a vaporizer one can expect a more powerful effect and clearer than with a joint. Read this cannabis vaporizer guide d’achat to know more.