Everything You Need To Know About Hair Removal

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In this diverse world, we live in; half the population is looking for a way to grow hair, and the other half is looking for a way to remove it.
Removal of unwanted hair, often called depilation or epilation, has been a major concern for women (and some men) since prehistoric times.
Today, the most popular method by far is shaving, but there are many good alternatives for hair removal, such as waxing, lasers, and depilatories, and you should choose the appropriate method for each part of your body.

A Bikini Wax is Not the Best Idea

bikini and leg waxing

Bikini and leg waxing

The best way to rid yourself of unsightly stubble along the bikini line is to undergo laser hair removal treatments, but make sure it’s administered by a board-certified dermatologist. The good news is, it’s permanent; the bad news is the cost, sometimes thousands of dollars for a series of treatments.

The next best solution for a hair-free bikini line is not waxing, but shaving. According to experts, the delicate skin in that area can be traumatised by waxing, whereas shaving will cause less ingrown hairs. Don’t listen to your friends – waxing your bikini area is not mandatory!

Your Underarm Skin is Very Thin

The skin under your arms, like your bikini line, is thin and sensitive, so shaving your underarms is the preferred method. The hair under your arms grows in all different patterns, so be sure to shave in several directions, going from corner to corner. Using a hydrating or moisturising shave cream will ease the process and minimise cuts and razor burn.

Keep Your Legs Smooth and Silky

Even if you zap your leg hair with several laser hair removal sessions, you’ll still have to shave them, but not as often. Shaving is still the tried and true method for keeping your legs silky smooth and radiant, so follow this professional tip: make one stroke of the razor in the same direction as the hair grows, and the second stroke against the grain in the other direction.

Keep a Smooth Upper Lip
a closeup on hair

A closeup on hair

You want your upper lip to be hairless and kissable, not fuzzy! If you have dark, coarse hair, laser treatments are the answer. Again, you’ll need several treatments, but the results are amazing. A less-expensive alternative for your upper lip is depilatory cream, also recommended for fine hair which is hard to tweeze.

Shape Your Eyebrows Like a Pro

Of the four popular methods used to shape eyebrows – waxing, plucking, shaving and threading – beauty experts favour threading or plucking.
Eyebrow hair is charming and confined to a narrow area, so threading or plucking gives you more control. Waxing may be your favourite method, but it cannot give you the subtle nuances that a good pair of tweezers can.
Always use a slanted-tip tweezers, and keep them handy for regular touch-ups.

As you can see, no one hair removal product or technique is best for all situations. You should do some research, explore the many options, and find the ideal method for your needs and your budget.