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In the latest health news from around the world, it has been found that polio will be tackled in Pakistan with a mass vaccination project, as it is this location that is one of the last places in the world that still sees polio as an endemic. The vaccination will take place over several days and it is hoped that more than 1 million children will be vaccinated during this time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.48.42While the vaccination is being carried out, police will be on standby to tackle any Islamic extremists who believe that the medication should not be taken. This will allow the treatment to be handed out and will stop many people from becoming ill.

However, this will not be an easy thing to carry out and it will require a large amount of planning and logistical thinking and skills that need to be carried out in the area. During this time, there will be over 13 million doses of the drug that will be administered to children and there will be 70,000 doctors that will carry this out effectively.

In recent times, there were only 11 cases of polio in Pakistan, and even less in Afghanistan, which is the neighbouring country to Pakistan. If this mass vaccination is carried out then, it could wipe out polio for good in Pakistan and its neighbouring country Afghanistan. It is still a worry that the attacks will take place on those who are trying to help with the vaccination but these attacks have decreased in recent times and it is, therefore, less of a threat.

Some individuals believe that the medicine is a bad thing to do and that it is causing more harm than good. This is because they accuse the medicine as being something that is harmful to those who take it. The development of these sort of tactics is still widely criticised.